Bang 7 - 20th Anniversary

The Bros are returning to India 20 years to the day that they gave birth to Bang 7.

As part of the reunion they will film and produce a new short doco ... stay tuned.

June, 2019
Bass & Squids


Happiness.  Good health.  Love.  These are simple concepts buried under skinny jeans, social media hashtags and shiny, new cell phones. Society is lost in a culture fixated on possessions, appearance and impatience.  Contentment seems illusive in today’s manic and ‘wired’ world.  It’s a problem that affects nearly all of us and it’s this reason that 20 years ago us brothers created the unique holiday Bang 7 – Life Day.

Twenty years ago in the tiny remote town of Pushkar in the Rajasthan desert of western India us brothers decided we needed something that would remind us of what is actually important in life.  We needed something that would keep us grounded and remind us of what truly makes us happy.  We had been travelling through India for months with little more than a backpack and a few basic provisions, but we were happy, healthy and content; a simple and fulfilling existence.  Sunsets had beauty, food had flavour, conversations with strangers were fun.  So on June 7th, back in 1999, in a wonderful moment of simplicity and clarity, we created Bang 7 – Life Day in order to never forget what life is truly about.  Since that day, every year on the 7th of June, we have been taking that day to celebrate life, love, our health and the people around us.  In addition, we have been sharing the celebration with as many people as we can around the world.  Whether you are Indian, American or Japanese, regardless if you’re black or white, female or male, Sikh or Christian it’s all the same, Bang 7 is for everyone.

This June, the Eagar Brothers are headed back to India where it all began, a 20-year journey back to the very beginning, an emotional and introspectful trip about beauty, simplicity and love.  Come with us as we journey back to where it all began 20 years ago and remind ourselves and everyone else what is truly meaningful in life! Bang 7 - Life Day!

International Outhouse Race, Dawson City.


Bang on brothers and sisters!


International Outhouse Race, Dawson City.