Millenium Hippies

Did you know that the Eagar Brothers hid away in New Zealand for a year and wrote a book?

They still have the unpublished Manuscript: Millenium Hippies - On The Road With 3 Brothers.  A creative non-fiction, travel odyssey about their 1997 roadtrip where they circumnavigated North America in a vintage 1970's Chevrolet station wagon.

North America
Bass, Squids, Krusty. 


Chapter 1 - The Idea

‘Lads, we’re going on a trip!’  

My older brother’s announcement caught me a little off guard but not entirely, because I know him almost as well as I know myself.   

‘The three of us are going to buy an old car and drive it all the way around the whole continent.  We’ll take six months to circle North America, then be back here in time to eat Dad’s Christmas dinner.’   

‘What are you talking about?’   

‘An adventure!’  Jeff repeated proudly and leaned back on the couch.  ‘You, Steve and I are going on an adventure.’     

‘Yeah, I heard you.  But why?’ 

‘Why not?’

‘Because that kind of trip has been done to death.’  I answered. ‘From Louis and Clarke to Kerouac, and everyone in between.  Give me a better reason for spending six months trapped in a hot, stinking car with you two muppets.’

‘Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!  Everyone always talks about tomorrow but they don’t realize that one day there won’t be a tomorrow.  We’ve got to live for today.’  Jeff pointed his beer bottle towards the door.  “There is a lot of world outside the shores of this little island and I want to have a sniff.’   

I shifted my gaze from my older brother Jeff to my younger brother Steve, sitting next to him; he didn’t look too surprised with this sudden newsflash.  I took a drink of my beer and I thought about the idea.  Oscar Wilde did say, ‘Youth is wasted on the young’.  Maybe we were wasting precious time sitting here on this quiet, isolated little Island like this.  I gazed around the living room: the carpet, the TV, the pictures on the walls, our sports trophies; Jeff’s idea suddenly made everything seem so drab.  I took another look at my brothers waiting for me to respond.  I could hear the big grandfather clock ticking in the corner seemingly agreeing with Jeff, reiterating the fact that life really is fleeting and you have to squeeze the most from time. 

‘I don’t know.’  I answered.  ‘Driving around North America is pretty cliché.  

‘Cliché my arse.  What are your other options: sit in an office five days a week, get married, pick out curtains for the baby’s room, go to your kids graduation, sit in your rocking chair and watch the geese fly south for another winter while you die a tired old man… that’s cliché dude.’

I shook my head, ‘You’ve got to grow-upsometime.’ 

‘Yeah, sure, I know, but what’s your rush. On a trip like this you might meet the girl of your dreams, find out what you want to do with the rest of your life, or discover there are other things in the world other than the fish and coal here on Cape Breton Island.  It will be great; then you’ll have the rest of your life to grow up.  After that I promise never to bother you again.’

‘I don’t know mate.’

‘Come on brother, burn out don’t fade away.  Take off your panties and just get in the car.’  He paused for a moment, then continued.  ‘The other big thing is you are the only two guys I know who will quit their jobs, drop everything, and just pick up and go.’

The room fell silent.  The big grandfather clock ticked in the corner.  I took a drink of my beer and thought about what my brother had said.  I still wasn’t sure.  I looked over at Steve but couldn’t read anything on his face.  He had remained silent the whole time.  He was the most silly and irresponsible of us all, but most times his decisions always worked out for him.  I was curious as to what was going through his head about this whole idea. ‘So what’s your take on this Steve?’  I asked. 

He leaned forward on the couch, ‘You’re right Chris.’ He said to me.  ‘You have to grow up sometime, but I`m with Jeff on this one.’  He shifted his gaze to our brother.  ‘I’m not ready to give into a routine and mundane life just yet.  I have the rest of my life to work for the man.  And even if what you say is true about this trip Chris, that it has already been done a thousand times by a thousand people, just remember, it has never been done by the Eagar Brothers.’         

International Outhouse Race, Dawson City.