Phillipines Boat Accident

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This can’t be happening. 

The boat lurched again suddenly.  I looked down at the $12,000 video camera that I was holding in my hands hoping that It might give me an answer.  Hoping it wasn’t real.  Water continued gushing in at my feet.  The boats engine suddenly made a terrifying groan and the boat made a sudden lurching movement.

I was sitting in an outrigger banca boat cruising out to sea somewhere in the Philippines, I honestly didn’t even know where I was.  No one knew, except for the captain; if you could call him that. 

The boat lurched again, this time it was a bigger jolt.  The video camera fell out of my hands as I braced myself.

Suddenly the boat flipped.  In a split second I was under water in complete darkness.  Which way was up?  I couldn’t tell.  The only thing going through my brain was: ‘Swim!  Swim hard, swim fast!  Swim away from the boat or it will pull you down with it as it sinks.’  I don’t know if my eyes were open in the darkness of the water or if they were closed shielding me from the unknown.

As I started to run out of breath, I began moving in the direction that I thought was up.  Fortunately, I was right.  My head popped up out of the water and as I breathed in and filled my lungs with hot humid air I could see a faint haze of light above the dark water. 

Yes, this was real.  I was bobbing in the South Philippine sea amid a flotsam of debris in darkness. 

But I was alive.