Blurry Photo 1999

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This photo is of us three brothers on the road in some remote village somewhere in Asia. It could be Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka you can't really tell. It doesnt matter though, it's meaningful even though we can't recall where it was or when it was taken (we do know it was 1999).

It's blurry you say!  Yes, I know, and we like it like that. We travelled for so many years all over the world from town to town, city to city, country to country exploring cultures, meeting people, experiencing many things for the first time. There were uncountable highs, many lows, scary times, moments of joy, things that had to be seen to be believed, and through it all we just kept going and going. We were healthy, free and hungry. It was a special time, an incredible moment in our lives. And that's why we like it blurry because it feels slightly unreal. Of course, we did travel all those miles, we did do all those things and meet all those people but it somehow feels surreal.

It's all like a fuzzy dream.  That's why we like this blurry photo.