Moroccan Treasure

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So, we found the treasure! Twelve years later and halfway around the world and we found it!

Over a decade ago my brothers and I had our own travel adventure TV series and in one of the episodes we went to Morocco and at the end of the show we buried a 'treasure box' in the Sahara Desert. We recorded the GPS coordinates and put them on the credits of the show and also on the website for some other nut to go and dig up. Of course, no one ever did so I thought it was time we go back and dig it up ourselves! It was a huge effort to get to the desert and get out to the location and numerous times we thought we wouldn’t find it, but in the end we found it! After a long two day trek to get out into the desert we managed to get the GPS to work enough to get us to the tree we buried the treasure box beside (we were fooled by a few other similar trees first!). We also got the jeep bogged down in a sand dune, had GPS connection issues and had some serious shovel problems, but we managed to locate the correct tree, which was our first big ‘happy’ moment, and then started digging. But we didn’t know exactly where to dig so we took a guess and started. The ground was rock hard and the digging was really slow and difficult. It was +30°C and mid-day so it was hot and tiring! The three of us dug relentlessly for 2 1/2 hours questioning the spot and the depth and the direction to dig. It was getting late in the afternoon and we had to get going so I knew we had to stop soon, but we really didn’t want to give up and just be satisfied with at least finding the tree so we gave ourselves 20 more minutes of digging before we would leave. Then, with five minutes left to go we struck something in the dirt. It was a surreal moment. We were so stoked! We travelled halfway across the world and got all the way to the desert and found the tree, all to retrieve this box we buried 12 years ago! It was a totally useless endeavour, but gave us so much pleasure. Life is pretty crazy!

There was nothing really sexy in the box. The contents of the "treasure box' was a mishmash of simple items representing the three countries the bros and I were living in at that time - Aussie, England and Canada: a French-Canadian classical music CD, a boomerang key chain, a tin of British baked beans, canadian beach balls, a Queen Elizabeth commemorative coin, a tea cup from Cape Breton, a DVD of our TV series, a Bang 7 t-shirt, and some other simple stuff! I regret not stashing some rum in there! Most of the stuff was rotted and ruined from salt in the desert water table. Thanks again for all the fun comments and here's a link to the show if you want to watch it: Which Way to Chigagga.
The following is a CBC radio interview with Jeff discussing the trip back to Morocco and his search for the Eagar Bros buried treasure: