Sydney, Australia. 2000

Diary Entry. Jeff. 2001, Australia

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January 13th, 2001.
Today was the departure date but no departure.  That's all right.  You must flow like water around obstacles and not let them effect your movement.  Just slide around them and keep going.  What's a few days on the big screen.  ... We'll be in the Jolly Roger soon enough.  And then I'll want to be back here in the SunnyGlenn!  But I unequivocally know for certain that our 7 weeks in and around Australia will be a spontaneous interaction of people and place, unpredictable by me now.  I cant imagine what we'll get up to and with who, but I know it will be completely insane.  Complete!
 3 weeks later! 
February 7th, 2001.  
It's a marvellous thing! Silent. Strong. Mysterious.  Life giving, life taking.  Empty. Arid. Extreme.  I've spent the last three days driving straight through it.  Vastness on every side.  Nothingness leading to emptiness.  Quiet. But at the same time it speaks volumes.  History, age, wisdom. Home to the oldest people on earth.  The nights are dead quiet.  You stop anywhere and lay your sleeping bag under the stars.  A soft, warm breeze soothes the days thoughts.  The sun sets quietly and the moon rises slow and steady.  No flies.  No mosquitoes.  You float into the night like a dream.  The aboriginals called it "Dreamtime Land,"  They were insightful.  No towns, no light, no people.  Just you and the magnificent outback!