Steve, affectionately nicknamed Krusty after the Simpsons character, was born on The Rock like two of his older brothers and is a true Newfie in Spirit. The youngest of 4 boys, Krusty always had to be loud to be heard amongst the chaos and competition of his 3 older brothers. His family always said he made noise for the sake of making noise rather than just trying to be heard, and some things never change. Krusty, much like his namesake has a kindred spirit, is larger than life and wears his heart on his sleeve.

Krusty, who currently lives and works in England, spent 13 years working in the Banking industry of London, England. When he had his two beautiful daughters, now 5 and 7 years old, he realized that chasing a big paycheck in the chaos of the city wasn’t worth the time away from his daughters and retrained to become an elementary school teacher. He has been teaching Year 4 for three years, and although his bank account isn’t as large as it was when working in the Banks, he loves teaching and his time with his children far outweighs a large bank balance. It didn’t take Krusty long to realize that his decision to change careers was the best thing he ever did. He soon realized that the quality of family life always has a higher value than money or consumption.