the Eagar Brothers

Jeff, Chris, and Steve Eagar were born in Newfoundland, Canada in the early 1970's.  When still young the Eagar family moved over to Nova Scotia where they moved house a number of times growing up.  In the mid 1980's they moved to Cape Breton Island where they spent the bulk of their youth.  The Eagar Brothers personalities and work ethic were shaped by the rugged shores and friendly demeanor of Cape Breton Island and it's people.  All three brothers, along with their less mentioned older brother Troy, stayed home and attended Cape Breton University where they received a world class education.

Close in age and affinity these three brothers bring a unique dynamic to everything they do. A friendly trio who push each other to the edge of experience, they get along fabulously well yet are fiercely independent. After 10 years and nearly 100 countries these three brothers have an ease and style that is all their own. In a day and age bereft with the chase for money and possessions these brothers are refreshingly carefree and curious. Choosing to see the world and experience life rather than chase the ‘almighty dollar’ has given the brothers a lifetime of experience for their young ages.

The Eagar Brothers have lived and worked in a dozen different countries doing everything from delivering sandwiches in Prague to lecturing businessmen in Tokyo.  When they aren’t out on the road creating world-class television and social media projects they can be found in their respective homes in London, Sydney and Charlottetown planning their next adventure and appreciating their surroundings.

The brothers garnered Gemini Award nominations each season of their travel adventure series Which Way To. The show was aired on National Geographic Adventure Channel in 200+ countries around the world. They also hosted and produced the Great Canadian Adventure Tour a successful international social media project for Canadian Tourism.  The brothers love the challenge and satisfaction of living every minute of their life to the fullest.